Resources for construction companies

We understand the importance of filing taxes and discussing tax strategies with someone.

Tax & CPA Services

While we do not file taxes or advise tax strategies, we partner with a network of CPAs and Tax Professionals. We have built relationships with each of these companies so that if you need help in this area, we have someone we can get you in touch with so you can rest easier knowing we are helping you and your company!

If you are already working with a tax professional or CPA, we will take the time to connect with them directly. Since you will be a mutual client of both companies, we want to ensure that when the end of the year comes, there is a smooth transition between us completing your bookkeeping and your tax professional filing taxes. We go the extra mile to communicate with your tax professional on any adjustments or irregularities that may arise to ensure your taxes and financial information is 100% correct!

virtual bookkeeper for construction

Legal Resources

We all know that running a business comes with challenges where you may need some legal assistance or just need some legal guidance! We do not provide legal services or advice here at Heritage, but we partner with a firm specifically focused on helping construction companies.

In this partnership, if any legal matters arise that will affect your business’s financial side, we can communicate with you and your legal counsel to ensure everything is accounted for correctly!