Job Costing Services for construction companies

Job costing is an accounting method and process used to track income and expenses for each job that your company completes.

Job Costing Services

In most cases, expenses are directly related to materials, labor, and overhead. This information needs to be tracked on an individual job basis to know if your company is making money off the projects you are completing for clients.

Bookkeeping Services for Construction Companies

What do job costing services do for my construction business?

Using job costing in your construction company helps you keep track of the profit margin on each project. These profit margins tell you exactly how much you make on each project and indicate how your business performs. Job costing also helps you keep all the financial information for each job organized for you and if your client ever needs information.

Why do I need job costing services for my construction business?

We prefer to use job costing in the construction industry because this method of accounting helps you keep all of the transactions for each job organized in one area. When this information is organized, you can sit down and review each job individually. 

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Job Costing services for your construction company

In doing this, you are provided with valuable information on if you need to raise prices, change material suppliers because of pricing, change your labor rate, and other information that will help your business grow.