As a business owner, we understand that time can be your greatest asset or liability!

Clean-Up & Catch-Up Services

Sometimes, a specific part of your business can get behind because you may not have the time to handle it. If you focus your time on one aspect, other areas become affected. Being in the construction industry, we know most of your time as the company's owner is spent on site. When this happens, Heritage is here to help pick up the pieces offsite to move your company forward. When we help you clean up the accounting side of your business, not only will it help you be ready for taxes, but it will also help you understand your business more!

Clean-Up & Catch-Up Services

Why do I need Clean Up &; Catch Up for my construction business?

Since you are not in the office often as a construction business owner, the office work goes unattended for extended periods. When this happens, you must spend time in the office bringing your current filing, bookkeeping, and other items! When you get behind, instead of using your valuable time, bring in a professional to help bring your bookkeeping up to date. This will save you time and money in the long run. When you have a professional clean up your bookkeeping, you can also know that it will be correct, and if any issues arise, they can help you address and fix them.

virtual bookkeeper for construction

Clean-Up & Catch-Up Services for your construction company

Also, when cleaning up, we can help you identify areas in your accounting where you may be spending too much money, have payments that have not been collected, have late bills, and have other process improvements! In reviewing your accounting, our professionals are also trained to help look for systems and processes that can help you onsite save time and money to get information back to the office! This way, you spend less time handling paperwork, streamlining your business, and getting time back to yourself and your family!